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General Information

Location: Southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas

Land area: 38,394 square kilometres

Forest cover: 72 percent

Altitude: Between 240 and 7541 metres above sea level

Population: 768,577 (Year 2016)

Capital: Thimphu

Language: Dzongkha is the official language. English is widely spoken.

Religion: Predominantly Vajrayana Buddhism. Hinduism and other religions also practiced.

Currency: Ngultrum (Nu.), at par with the Indian Rupee

Exchange rate: USD 1 = NU. 67.10. Up-to-date rates available at

Bhutan Standard Time: BST is 6 hours ahead of GMT (GMT + 6)

Electricity: 220/240 Volts with round-hole two-pin and three-pin power outlets

Country dialing code: +975

Climate: Three distinct climatic zones i.e. hot and humid southern belt, cool temperature central zone, and alpine northern region

Weather: The month of March is generally dry and is when spring sets in. It can still be chilly and a light jacket is advisable. Average temperatures in Thimphu range from a high of 16.4 degree Celsius to a low of 3.9 degree Celsius

Mobile and Internet services: Bhutan Telecom ( and Tashi Cell ( are the two cellular and Internet service providers

Food: Traditional Bhutanese and an increasing variety of regional and international cuisine are available. Visit for details on what’s on the menu in local restaurants and cafes.

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