Recent Grant-Aid Projects Signed Between Government of Japan and Royal Government of Bhutan

Grant-Aid Projects Funded by Government of Japan for Reconstruction of Bridges Along the National Highway in Bhutan

Recently, on 26th December 2016, a grant-aid agreement was signed for the ‘Reconstruction of Bridges on Primary National Highway No. 4 (Gelephu – Trongsa)’. The total assistance for this project amounts to USD 18.4million (Yen 2156 million). The reconstruction of the Telegangchu Bridge, Beteni Bridge, Samkhara Bridge and Passang Bridge along this highway is intended to increase load-carrying capacity and vehicle lanes to ensure smooth and safe traffic on the bridges.

Back in March 2015, an agreement was signed for the “Reconstruction of Bridges on Highway I”, with the Government of Japan committing about USD 16 million (Yen 1956 million) to the reconstruction of three bridges: Chuzomsa Zam, Nikachu Zam and Zalamchu Zam along the Wangdiphodrang – Trongsa Highway. Currently under implementation by the Department of Roads, Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MOWHS), the project period is from March 2015 to September 2017.

Prior to these recent grant-aid projects, six bridges—Lawakha, Basochu, Nyarachu, Burichu, Changcheyzam and Lorizam—had also been reconstructed with Government of Japan support along highway III between Wangdue and Sarpang.

Bhutan at a Glance
Area (sq. km) 38,394
Population by sex
Male 398,948
Female 369,629
Population density 20
Health Coverage (%) 90
Access to safe drinking water (%) 95
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